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December 04, 2004

Stell's Belles

A few images from the Stella McCartney/Adidas Pro Sport Range...


I like the idea of someone re-thinking sportswear for female professional athletes [I worked on a dire "sport-non-sport" lifestyle range in the distant past, nothing like this. Women were considered men with a few extra lumps]. 

Why should functional be boring?  I really admire Stella's use of feminine detailing applied to techy-sport clothing.  A very difficult blend to make work. The use of colour is also fantastic.  No day-glo orange here.

Imagine the same thinking applied to knit...

[Look closely at the detailing...inspiring stuff for the knitter...very knittable.]

All images copyright Adidas/Stella McCartney

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Hmmm. I like the way the hoodie is put together. I would like to be able to think and design this way, i.e. not just a front, a back, and a sleeve.

Posted by: Sonja | 4 Dec 2004 15:42:47

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