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May 28, 2005

Progress...of sorts

Just to prove I actually do attempt some knitting every now and again, I make this small offering to the Knit-Gods:


It's a baby blanket [or soon will be] in Rowan's Cotton Glace, for a colleague who is giving birth to a bouncimg baby boy in July. Gertrude, my knitting assistant [a.k.a the Garter Carriage, if you have no idea what I'm rambling about, check out Sonja's excellent article here] is chugging away on my electronic machine...slowly....veeerrrry slowly. Even on a machine, this kind of knitting isn't much faster than knitting by hand. In theory, you can set up the Garter Carriage and go away and do something completely different, whilst the machine gets on with things and creates a beautiful textured fabric and then waits patiently for you to return when it has knit the required number of rows. The reality is slightly different. There have been myriad dropped stitches, frayed yarn and carriage jams due to Gertrude being a temperamental beast when confronted with inelastic plant fibres. It also seems that all Cotton Glace is not created equal - The green is comparatively softer, but seems to have been dyed unevenly having a slightly striped effect when knitted up. Needless to say, Gertrude loves this yarn, and hates the orange which is quite hard and much more shiny due to having been more tightly spun. Dropped stitches everywhere with this yarn. Nevertheless, I intend to persevere. Watch this space.

I also had the opportunity recently to induct a new member into my gang of knitting machines. The LK150 is classed as a hobby machine, due to it being made of plastic and being relatively cheap.  It's a mid-gauge machine and is intended to knit yarns in the Double Knitting and Aran category. Despite having used all kinds of knitting machines for years, the tension settings on it have me stumped. Does anyone have any info to share on tension settings [both carriage and tension mast]?  I haven't had much time to experiment yet, so if someone could offer a shortcut I would be most grateful.

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Wowee! I found your site through Batesian Mimicry. I'm sooo glad
there's another (good) machine knitter out there. I've been machine knitting for years,(it's how I returned to hand knitting) and
people STILL look at me like I'm nuts.

I'm amazed you knit Cotton Glace with the g-carriage, 'cause it's so
rough. Are you hip to Lori-Lynn Yarn Spray? It helps yarn glide
through the carriage and needles better. The blanket looks great
nevertheless, very OP-Art.

Posted by: Sahara | 8 Aug 2005 20:52:27

Thanks! (Now it's my turn to blush.) I'm afraid I know nothing about the LK-150, though I would think you want to start right in the middle with tension settings. Good luck with the baby blanket - it looks great so far - and baby blankets really need to be machine wash/dry. There are certain things I'm not brave enough to knit with my G-carriage anymore. I'll never forget the project that destroyed 5 of those little $6 needles!

Posted by: Sonja | 3 Jun 2005 15:20:14

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