December 30, 2007

Knitting the unknittable


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Currently working on a series of [overly] complicated prototypes for a designer's show in mid-February. Trying to come up with stitch patterns and textures reminiscent of traditional arans but with an unusual twist. One simple way is to explore the possibilties offered by photographic collage. It's an interesting approach for the simple fact you can potentially create the 'unknittable' - and hopefully something not seen before.

Doing it digitally in photoshop also means you can produce a hundred swatches in the time it would take to knit just one...

As an added bonus the images could also be used to digitally print chiffon with a knitted print anyone?

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April 21, 2005


Ever get obsessed by something?  A person? a place? a colour?  It happens to me all the time, especially when it comes to colour.  Currently, I'm obsessing over anything and everything BLUE.  It seems as though, for me at least, next summer will be all about blue - in all shades.


But then again, nobody said you had to stick with a single obsession, did they?  Multiple obsessions are good, we like multiple obsessions.  Speaking of which, let's not forget green.  Probably my ultimate favourite if I was limited to only one colour for the rest of my days.


A selection of green/grey/cream samples in development for a small
interiors/homewear project I'm working on at the moment


You might also get obsessed by a technique, it happens to me often.  For me at the moment it's lace/openwork/crochet. I want to take it and knock some of the 'delicateness' [is that a real word?] out of it.  First idea that occurred was to crank up the gauge.   Those are 6mm circulars with some Phildar ETE attached.  Don't like the yarn.  Come to think of it, this green doesn't do much for me either...


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February 09, 2005



Retro touches and knitted embellishment for Winter 2005. 

Amazing how a change of scale or unexpected use of material can modernise something.

Photographs copyright

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December 04, 2004

Stell's Belles

A few images from the Stella McCartney/Adidas Pro Sport Range...


I like the idea of someone re-thinking sportswear for female professional athletes [I worked on a dire "sport-non-sport" lifestyle range in the distant past, nothing like this. Women were considered men with a few extra lumps]. 

Why should functional be boring?  I really admire Stella's use of feminine detailing applied to techy-sport clothing.  A very difficult blend to make work. The use of colour is also fantastic.  No day-glo orange here.

Imagine the same thinking applied to knit...

[Look closely at the detailing...inspiring stuff for the knitter...very knittable.]

All images copyright Adidas/Stella McCartney

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November 05, 2004

The New Porn??


According to the November issue of UK Elle Decoration, "Knitted homewares are enjoying a racy revival: think bigger, bolder and more ballsy than ever".

The backdrop for their shoot is a 'knitted chat lines canvas' [actually knitted, I think] by RCA textile graduate Kelly Jenkins, who also designed this, a stunning knitted metal radiator. 

Why just stick to yarn?

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October 17, 2004


Not one of mine, but something from the spring collection of Veronique Branquinho, a very underrated Belgian designer. Me likey!

See the rest of the collection at

Image courtesy of Hintmag

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August 23, 2004

Deluxe pick

Check out what Kate Moss wants to wear this winter...

Also the new Revillon collection designed by supercool LA designer Rick Owens...

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